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Monday, January 17, 2011

Get the most out of the market

Investors seem to think 2011 will be a bullish year. With unemployment declining and consumer spending increasing, this may be so. If the bulls are going to run, better run with them than get trampled.

This blog will consist my growth in investing knowledge and sense throughout this financial year. I have diversified my portfolio, but have about 15% in speculative companies just because the risk seems better if I have guaranteed growth in blue chips to fall back on.

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DISCLAIMER: These are only my opinions and users are investing at their own risk. In no way am I accountable for any loss or gain in the investments of others.


  1. will be looking to start investing this year too gjdm

  2. promising blog! followed!

  3. I'm a financial analyst myself..will definitely stay tune for this thread to generate ideas.

  4. Thanks Chris. Would like to have your input most def.

  5. Thanks for info. HOpefully be investing soon.

  6. In, I'd love to learn some more about investing. hit me back brah :)